We are Payroll specialists

Payroll has become increasingly specialised in the last few years with the rigours of the RTI reporting requirements and more recently the introduction of Auto-enrolment pensions.  It is vital to keep on top of the changes in Employee Law and PAYE tax so that payroll is properly managed and your employees are paid correctly every month.  This is a highly sensitive field and we are aware how errors in employees pay can be upsetting and disruptive.

Our payroll bureau is fully RTI compliant and we can offer you an auto-enrolment pension solution through NEST which is fully integrated into the software we use.  We can make an introduction to an independent financial adviser if your employees would like further advice pensions.  We also have access to an HR specialist who will be able to assist you if more complex matters affect your workforce.

Our payroll is so much more than just running the figures once a month – through our network we can offer you an all round employee solution.

Payroll services